University Committee Student-at-Large Applications

University Committee Descriptions:

Below is a list of University Committees that ASUU has the responsibility to appoint students-at-large to. Students appointed to these committees will have full voting rights. APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED ON ROLLING BASIS. 

Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Committees:

The OEO/AA office is responsible for providing a fair, thorough, and impartial process for investigating complaints of discrimination at the University of Utah, including sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual violence, etc.).

In matters involving students, the OEO/AA conducts the investigation, collects evidence, and makes findings about what happened based on that evidence, and whether or not what happened was a violation of University Policies.  Once we’ve made a finding, we send that report to the Office of the Dean of Students, who, in cases where we find there has been a policy violation, then makes recommendations for appropriate sanctions.  Either party (the complainant, or the respondent) can request a hearing to review the OEO/AA findings, or the sanction if they disagree with either or both.

he students called to serve on these committees would serve with a combination of staff and faculty from a wide variety of departments and colleges on campus.  During a hearing, students will review evidence presented at the hearing, from both sides of the complaint, and deliberate with the other hearing committee members to come to a decision regarding the findings and the sanctions.

Student Behavior Committee: (9 student members)
Serves as a campus-wide committee with jurisdiction to hear all charges of student misconduct against individual students, undergraduate or graduate, except for those offenses which are delegated from time to time to other committees by explicit action of the Board of Trustees; has authority to impose appropriate sanctions for established acts of student misconduct; reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services.

Parking Violation Appeals Committee: (5 student members)

Hears and adjudicates appeals from students, faculty, staff members, and University visitors and guests who are not satisfied with the rulings of the Parking Appeals Officer concerning contested parking citations issued on the campus; reports to the Vice President for Administrative Services.

University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee: (4 student members)

Reviews and makes recommendations in individual cases relating to retention, promotion, or tenure of regular faculty; when there are differing recommendations from any of the prior levels of review, when the cases originate in colleges/schools that are organized and function as single departments, or when recommendations are made for appointments with tenure; reports to the cognizant vice president.

Enterprise Web Advisory Council: (1 student member)

The EWAC is entrusted with raising, hearing and discussing issues that affect University web properties, its online ecosystem and web visitors. The EWAC is expected to make recommendations to the President’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) in the best interests of the University of Utah as a whole, based on consensus of the major campus web property service providers: marketing and communication leaders for academic and administrative units partnered with technologists. The role of the student would be to attend all regular committee meetings. With the potential for additional work doing subcommittee work and research. The meetings are every second Wednesday of the month at 11am for approx. 90 minutes.

Undergraduate Council: (1 student member)

The Council is responsible for coordinating and encouraging the development of undergraduate studies across the University and overseeing all university-wide undergraduate requirements. It is charged with maintaining a program of general education and other graduation requirements in cooperation with the academic departments and colleges. The Council reviews and evaluates proposals for new certificates, degrees, and undergraduate programs not located in or associated with graduate programs. Additionally, the Undergraduate Council collaborates with the Graduate Council in reviewing undergraduate programs based in departments that award graduate degrees.

Dining Committee: (2 student members)

This committee will be a student led committee that will provide a voice for students regarding dining on-campus. Dining committee members will have the opportunity to provide their input into the decision-making process in regards to plans, operating hours, menus and new product selection.

Student Course Feedback Committee: (2 student members)

This committee will be providing input for the student course feedback survey that is taken at the end of every semester to better benefit the students of the university.

2019 - 2020 University Committee Application
I understand that if appointed, I will be expected to attend the meetings for the committee I am asked to serve on as well as monthly Campus Relations Board meetings, and at least one Academic Senate meeting per semester for the duration of the 2019 - 2020 academic year.
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