Displaced Students

The mission of the Homelessness Task Force is to create sustainable and accessible resources at the U of U and SLC community in order to create a network of support that promotes student health, wellness, safety, and success.

Students are prone to housing issues due to the vulnerability that accompanies pursuing an education and may find themselves displaced for many reasons. Each of those factors or variables requires an individualized response and a collection of resources to retain students and allow them to persist with their educational goals at the University of Utah. As a group of people representing offices, departments and colleges throughout the campus, our goal is to streamline our response to a student’s specific challenge and through collaboration, utilized existing resources that will address the current housing issue as well as address the variables that brought the student to their current position.

Step One—contact Student Success Advocates 


Feed U Pantry

The University of Utah food pantry provides non-perishable, nourishing food for our students, their families, faculty and staff. Why? Because there are times when we all have struggles: Loss of a job, paying tuition, medical emergencies. The basic demands of life sometimes makes us have to choose between food or bills. We don’t want any member of our Campus Community to have to choose between having some food on the table and keeping up with the emergencies that come up.


Student Advocacy Board

The Student Advocacy Board advocates for all students in need of unbiased assistance, including: legal referrals, emergency loans, University of Utah academic and behavioral issues, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, renter’s issues, food insecurity, and miscellaneous advice. Providing a safe and private environment for all students seeking resources, student advocates will work to solve problems in-house and connect students with organizations in order to allow them to make the University of Utah a more conducive educational environment.