Student Group Policy

Student organizations may be established for any lawful purpose.  Affiliation of any student organization with lawful off-campus groups shall not, in itself, disqualify that organization from enjoying the benefits and privileges which the University affords to student organizations.  Organizations shall have the right to keep membership lists confidential and solely for their own use.  The names and addresses of officers or representatives may be required by the University as a condition for registration or access to University funds or enjoyment of University privileges.

Note: Any organization whose recognition has been withdrawn by the Committee on Student Affairs is not eligible to register with ASUU.

Responsibilities of Student Organizations at the University of Utah

All persons on the campus of the University of Utah (administrators, faculty, students, employees, and guests), are subject to the laws and the regulations of the University.  Those who violate the law or the University’s regulations while on the campus do so at risk of prosecutions in the courts by appropriate government officials or proceedings authorized by University regulations.  Student organization must comply with ASUU policies and procedures as they relate to ASUU sponsored events.

In granting registration to student organizations, ASUU expects student conduct and activities to comply with the Student Code and local, state, and federal laws, whether on or off campus.  If the organization did not provide proper restraint or supervision of its members or take responsible corrective or preventative action, the organization itself may be subject to disciplinary action by the University.

Student Code

The University may discipline individual violators of the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities pursuant to the University Regulations Library, Policy 6-400, Section III.