ASUU stands for Associated Students of the University of Utah. As a registered student, you are already a member of ASUU. Getting involved with ASUU will make college life easier and more enjoyable for you. We provide assistance with on-campus childcare, tutoring and legal services for students. Throughout the year ASUU hosts free concerts, movies, dances, and other events designed to enhance campus community. Be sure to enjoy engaging speakers and service projects as well as family events. ASUU also coordinates with over 600 student groups and clubs offering more ways for you to find and connect with students that share your interests.

What Opportunities Are Available To You?

  • ASUU represents every college through College Student Councils.
  • Each academic year, 36 Assembly positions and 18 Senate positions are available for students to represent their academic colleges.
  • ASUU’s activity board, the Campus Events Board (CEB), enlists about 30 staff and board members to put on over 50 activities each year.
  • The ASUU Executive Cabinet works with over 100 students on many issues that impact students on campus.
  • ASUU can introduce you to over 600 student clubs and organizations. If you don’t see a club or group that fits your interest, we can show you how to start your own.

Government Overview

Executive Branch

The ASUU Executive Branch consists of the elected executive officials of ASUU as well as their appointed cabinet, who serve one-year terms. Executive elected officials include the President, the Vice President of University Relations, and the Vice President of Student Relations. Their appointed executive cabinet consists of 11 student leaders who are responsible for a range of boards and committees.The executive branch works with the student body to accurately represent and provide support for all students of the University. Find out more about each board within the Executive Branch.

Legislative Branch

The ASUU Legislative Branch consists of the Senate and Assembly. The Senate is composed of 18 Senators, one elected from each college to serve one-year terms. In addition to writing legislation that positively impacts student life at the University, Senators chair College Student Councils, student governing bodies for each individual college that advocate for the student experience within their college and appropriate funds for student travel. The Assembly is composed of 36 representatives elected from each college at the University in proportion to the number of students enrolled in that college. Assembly Representatives work in conjunction with Senators on writing legislation for the general student body, and independently work to appropriate funds to the various student groups and organizations on campus for event planning, marketing materials, and other aspects of campus community-building. Find out more about Senate and Assembly.

Judicial Branch

The ASUU Judicial Branch is comprised of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General. The Supreme Court consists of six Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, who are appointed for the duration of their time as students at the University. The Supreme Court has the power of constitutional review on any action taken by any and all members, groups, and bodies of ASUU. The initiation of such action must be by a member of  ASUU. The Supreme Court holds the power to subpoena, the power to order, the power to enjoin, the power to compel by sanction on penalty, the power to render findings, and—subject to approval of the Assembly and Senate—to propose Judicial Branch Bylaws and procedures. The Attorney General is an elected position, serving a one-year term. The Attorney General acts as ASUU counsel and advises the legislative and executive bodies on compliance with the ASUU Constitution and Bylaws. Find out more about the Judicial Branch.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities send an email to the specific area you are interested in by going to our Boards,  Legislative Branch, or Student Group pages.