ASUU Constitutional Referendum

ASUU is seeking a student-wide vote on this constitutional referendum. Below is a summary of the changes.

  1. Delete Article III, Section 2, Subsection 1A, Line 2 of the Constitution ofASUU.The deletion of this rule would allow for the regulations regarding the number of seats in the Assembly to be changed exclusively through the Bylaws of ASUU, rather than through both the Constitution and the Bylaws. The adoption of this Amendment would allow for the future governments of ASUU to more efficiently modify the composition of the Assembly in an effort to better serve the changing needs of the student body of the University of Utah.
  2. Delete Article VIII, Section 2, Subsection 4 and Article IX, Section 1, Subsection 5 of the Constitution of ASUU.The deletion of these two lines would remove the requirement that all proposed Constitution and Bylaws changes be passed by the Special Joint Review Committee. The adoption of this Amendment would allow for the government of ASUU to eventually propose a revision of the Redbook Bylaws that would call for the dissolution of the Special Joint Review Committee. The dissolution of the Special Joint Review Committee would be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. The past several ASUU administrations have realized that the Special Joint Review Committee is impractical, is not beneficial in the legislative process, and has been utilized inconsistently. More importantly, the deletion of this Committee would allow the entire membership of the Senate and Assembly, respectively, to more comprehensively debate and decide on whether to pass or fail these important Amendments and revisions, rather than having to rely on the recommendations of a Committee with limited membership. This Amendment will increase the influence of all of the Representatives of the Associated Students of the University of Utah in making these critical, long-lasting decisions.

To read the constitutional changes, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the ASUU Student Body President, Jack Bender at