Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court will have the power of constitutional review on any action taken by any and all members, groups and bodies of ASUU. The initiation of such action must be by a member of the ASUU, and can be done by completing this form and emailing it to the Legislative Advisor. The Supreme Court holds the power to Subpoena, the power to Order, the power to Enjoin, the power to Compel by sanction or penalty, the power to render Findings, and; Subject to approval of the Assembly and the Student Senate, to propose Judicial Branch Bylaws and procedures.

Attorney General

Sydney Park

Run for the Attorney General for the Next Academic Year. Refer to the Elections page for more information.

Supreme Court

Chief Justice: Kit Erickson
Associate Justice: Stephanie Castro
Associate Justice: Ariel Flores Mena
Associate Justice: Blake Bratcher
Associate Justice: Richard Willie
Associate Justice: Dillon Clark
Associate Justice: Brad Ecker
Clerk of the Court: Legislative Advisor