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There are a number of opportunities for becoming involved in ASUU through both appointed and elected positions.

Appointed positions are hired by the elected ASUU Presidency and confirmed by the elected ASUU Senate, and include Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Director, and Associate Director roles. To find out more about appointed positions, click here. The 2019 timeline for hiring appointed positions is as follows:

Elected positions are determined through ASUU Elections held each spring. If no one files to run for an elected position, that position must be appointed. Appointments to empty Senate/Assembly seats are made by the incoming Senate and Assembly Chairs, who are internally elected from within the incoming group of new Senators/Assembly Representatives. Once the Senate/Assembly Chairs are elected, they begin conducting interviews to fill empty Senate/Assembly seats. Interviews conclude when the Senate/Assembly Chair nominates a person to fill an empty seat and that person is confirmed by the full Senate/Assembly.

Below is a list of Senate/Assembly seats that are vacant following the 2019 ASUU Election:

College of Architecture + Planning: Assembly Representative

College of Education: Assembly Representative

College of Health: Senator

College of Humanities: Senator

S.J. Quinney College of Law: Assembly Representative

School of Medicine: 2 Assembly Representatives

College of Mines & Earth Sciences: Senator, Assembly Representative

College of Nursing: Senator, Assembly Representative

College of Social Work: Senator

Please complete the following application(s) if you interested in filling an empty legislative seat in your college:

2019-2020 Senator Application

2019-2020 Assembly Representative Application

Information on Presidential Candidates

All tickets are listed in alphabetical order. Tickets are comprised of one candidate for President, one candidate for Vice President of University Relations, and one candidate for Vice President of Student Relations.

  • Barnes Ticket: President – Anna Barnes, Vice President of University Relations – Latifa Yaqoobi, Vice President of Student Relations – Gabe Martinez

“We are the Barnes Ticket!

In our collective time on campus we have been able to appreciate all the the University of Utah has to offer, but we know as a student government there is much more work to be done. We are running to prioritize advocacy, focus on student wellness, and build student involvement. Our administration will strive to effectively and accurately communicate the student voice to the university administration, and double down on efforts to increase transparency. We will work to expand access to mental health services on campus, and break down barriers to discussing and treating mental health. Furthermore, we plan to support the success of our campus’ 600 student organizations by increasing current resources, and generating even more. Our administration will carry out these initiatives and more while working to building trust with the University of Utah’s 33,000 students. Vote for the Barnes Ticket and have a say in your student government!

To follow along with our campaign and learn more about our vision for ASUU visit facebook.com/thebarnesticket and instagram.com/thebarnesticket!”

Information on Attorney General Candidates

All candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Seodam Kwak

“Putting students first! Vote Kwak!”

Information on Assembly Candidates

All candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name. The number of Assembly seats per college is determined by the number of students enrolled per college as of Fall 2018. Students who are not enrolled in a specific program of study are represented through Undergraduate Studies.


College of Architecture + Planning (1 seat)

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Architecture + Planning seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


David Eccles School of Business (4 Seats)

  • Ashley Jimenez

“I hope to create a space where all voices are acknowledged and heard.”

  • Emily Pellegrino
  • “The idea best represents my campaign can be summed up by three simple words: run for all. Ensuring students accessibility to the issues that affect them most by being a positive representative of the David Eccles School of Business is what drives and motivates me not only in this endeavor, but in my life as a student at the U.”

  • Nolan Phan

“I’m running to represent and support every student in the David Eccles School of Business. I want to not only embrace but also emphasize the diversity of the David Eccles School of Business that makes it one of the best business schools in the nation. There are so many amazing programs and opportunities offered by the school of business that I want to support so that all students can thrive regardless of their background.”

  • Peyton Williams

“Looking forward to supporting the School of Business through an ASUU Assembly position. I plan to ensure an inclusive student environment and support the Business School’s academic endeavors.”


School for Cultural and Social transformation (1 Seat)

  • Amanda Carrasco

“As a representative for the School of Cultural and Social Transformation I would act ethically during the legislative process and be able to bring cultural competency skills to assembly. I can effectively guide student groups through the funding process and help build relationships across student groups.”


school of dentistry (1 seat)

  • Kaleb (KC) Esplin

“I may give your teeth crowns, but I’ll treat you like royalty”


College of Education (1 seat)

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Education seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


college of engineering (5 seats)

  • Avery Abelhouzen

“I hope to focus on getting students involved within the clubs of the College. I will uphold the goals of the College of Engineering. I will be a great addition to the assembly.”

  • Anika Isom

“Lover of dogs, hikes, and colligative properties. I want to increase the representation of women and minorities through outreach events and opportunities. I’m excited to help increase interdisciplinary research events and get students involved!”

  • Mitchell Kirkham

“Having served for the past two years as Representative for the College of Engineering and for the past year as Assembly Chair, I greatly understand the need for effective student representation in ASUU. As a representative, I will prioritize student group success and student-backed initiatives, and will work to create a more accessible ASUU, with students leading the way. I hope to have your support when voting starts on February 25th. Go Utah!”

  • Erin Morgan

“I am running for Assembly because I want to best represent the interests of the students within the College of Engineering, as well as the general population of the University of Utah. I look forward to passing legislation that will affect change within the University and work to make improvements within my college.”

  • Adrian Porras

“Having been an Assembly Representative in the past, I want to continue supporting our student groups in order to provide a better collegiate experience for our student body”


college of fine arts (2 seats)

  • Owen Michael Jordan Migdal

“Get fresh ideas from a freshman: Vote Owen Michael Migdal for ASUU Fine Arts Assembly”

  • Gabriel Misla

“I hope to represent the interests of students in my department. The arts will always be relevant, but sometimes they are not the first choice of grants, and other opportunities. Let’s change that, and bring the College of Fine Arts to the front at the negotiating table. I have had experience as part of the student body at my previous University, and politics runs in my veins. I believe I can make a huge difference by representing the College of Fine Arts.”


college of health (2 seats)

  • Casey McFarland

“Don’t just talk about change, MAKE it. Since coming to University of Utah, I have wanted to give back to the student community. By doing so, I want to play an active role in improving the student experience and quality of life for everyone on our college’s campus. Vote for me, and I will help you make the changes that U want to see.”

  • Joshua Nguyen

“I am running for assembly because I want to represent the students and bring forth a helpful and positive college experience for all. I will be committed to the success of the college and the success of all.”


college of humanities (2 seats)

  • Puneet Singh

“I am passionate about social justice and like to combine my knowledge from the humanities with my activism in order to create change. I will advocate for the College of Humanities by promoting more on campus, affordable opportunities for humanities students.”

  • Jennifer Williams

“I am a highly qualified, motivated student leader, and I will make it my mission to do what is best for the college of humanities. If I am elected to assembly, I will make sure to represent this college fairly and accurately so every student has a voice.”


s.J. Quinney College of law (1 seat)

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Law seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


school of medicine (2 seats)

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Medicine seats when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


college of Mines and earth sciences (1 seat)

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Mines and Earth Sciences seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


college of nursing (1 seat)

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Nursing seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


college of pharmacy (1 seat)

  • Mustafa Tekarli

“I am excited to represent the College of Pharmacy as a part of ASUU. I plan to always put your needs ahead of mine when making decisions. I welcome any input or suggestions as I strive to be the best representative I can be.”


college of science (3 seats)

  • MJ Kim

“Hi my name is MJ, please vote for me.”

  • Rory Phibbs

“I’m a scientist who is incredibly passionate about politics, and I know I can combine my skills in both fields to be the best representative of our college.”

  • Zahra Saifee

“The College of Science is a diverse student population that encompasses various majors; I want to represent our students and clubs on their pathway to success.
EXPAND our outreach
ALLOCATE funding


college of social & behavioral Science (4 seats)

  • Darienne DeBrule

“I believe the relationship between student representatives and the students they represent is the most important thing. As assembly representative it will be my goal to get to know the desires and grievances of the students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences through direct interventions.”

  • Sarah Hong

“I am running because I want to make the University of Utah a better place for everyone. I promise that I will listen to the issues and concerns of all students and fight to make sure that your voices are heard in your student government.”

  • Kendall Smith-Williams

“I’m running for college of Social and Behavioral Sciences because I want to be more involved with what’s going on here on campus. I would love to represent this group of hardworking students!”

  • Taylor Thompson

“To me, college is the place where we get to reinvent ourselves in preparation for the future. This is the place where we get to create the people that we are meant to become. It will be my goal as Assembly Representative to help everyone achieve that.”


college of Social work (1 seat)

  • Emma C. Hicks

“A large part of ASUU is advocacy, which is also one of the key roles of Social Work. I plan on bringing advocacy and other topics we see in Social Work to the table as an Assembly Representative for the College of Social Work in ASUU. Voting for me means voting for changes that you want to see within Social Work and the University of Utah. Go Utah!”


Undergraduate studies (3 seats)

  • Arno Coppa

“I am a Freshman here at The University of Utah working towards earning my undergraduate degree in finance. Not only am I dedicated to doing well in school, but I also enjoy Utah’s outdoor activities. If I am elected, I will support our school to the best of my ability.”

  • Ermiya Fanaeian

“As the Mayor of Salt Lake County’s Local Hero Award recipient, I fully understand the honor and responsibility of being a community leader. I understand that it is my responsibility to engage, be transparent with, and listen to the constituency I represent in order to be an effective assemblywoman. This campaign is about us, if I gain a seat the table I will ensure to bring YOUR voices with me.”

  • Lauren Sorge

“I hope to be a positive respresentative for the University of Utah and integrate programs to help students discover their passions. I want students to recognize their value through undergraduate studies and explore the ways in which they can succeed.”

  • Reagan Sorge

“Having gone through the freshman year experience, I know all the U has to offer for first years on campus. I also see opportunities to further enhance life on campus, and I am committed to improve my college by striving to connect my fellow students, and make this university feel like a community.”

Information on Senate Candidates

All candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Each college is represented by one Senate seat. Students who are not enrolled in a specific program of study are represented through Undergraduate Studies.


College of Architecture + Planning

  • Caroline Castleton

“The College of Architecture + Planning is a dream come true for me. I want everyone to feel that it is a dream for them, too.”

  • Erik Fronberg

“The College of Architecture and Planning has provided me a community since my first semester here at the U. I want to bring our college’s ethic of care, community, and commitment to the rest of the university.”

  • Varun Selvam

“I am asking for your vote to ensure that all our voices are heard. Students need a safe and open channel to express their ideas and grievances to the University. I would work hard to establish such a channel and be an advocate for all of us. Make your vote count.”


David Eccles School of BusinesS

  • Kaden Madson

“Together, we can bring change to ASUU.”

  • Damon Ngo

“My goal as senator is to bring the values and standards of the David Eccles School of Business to our student government. After having already served our student body in ASUU this previous year, I plan on using this experience to ensure that students of the David Eccles School of Business can make use of all the opportunities that ASUU affords them. As long as I serve, I will be sure that the David Eccles School of Business will have a seat at the table.”


School for Cultural and Social Transformation

  • Sierra Holmes

“The School of Cultural and Social Transformation is a safe place for all and seeks to make everyone feel welcome in the world. It is important to me to make all voices heard. I, as representative, plan to use intersectionality as the forefront of what I stand for when working to pass legislation in the University.”


School of Dentistry

  • Emily Thomas

“I plan to continue to close the gap between ASUU and our college. I hope to further meld our ties with ASUU and make transitions smooth out of office.”


College of EducatioN

  • Danielle Martinez

“Running to me ensures the student body, undergraduate and graduate, from the college of education is represented and advocated for. My goals are to raise awareness of concerns, topics, and conversations that are important and critical.”


College of Engineering

  • Hunter Mansfield

“The College of Engineering has given me endless opportunities and fostered in me a passion for all-things engineering. As a Senator for the College of Engineering, I aim expand upon these opportunities in addition to providing engineering students with more resources in realms of tutoring, mental health, mentorship, professional development, and networking for summer and post-graduation opportunities.”

  • Zach Zundel

“As ASUU Senator for the College of Engineering, I will work to empower the College to build community among its students and with other colleges at the University of Utah. The engineers in our department deserve a strong connection with their alma mater and the full benefit of the its resources, and I will devote my time to facilitating that connection.”


College of Fine Arts

  • Amy Cox

“I am Amy Cox, and I am a Modern Dance major in the department of dance. As the previous Assembly representative in the college of the fine arts I am looking forward to representing you in Senate this next year. I want to run for your senate representative to create a more unified college of the fine arts with the whole student body of our school.”


College of Health

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Health seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


College of Humanities

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Humanities seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


S.J. Quinney College of Law

  • Ben Lehnardt

“I’m running for Senate because I love the law school. I’ve learned a lot this last year as an ASUU Representative and want to take that experience to the Senate next year. As your senator I’ll continue to represent our college to the university and secure funding for students. If you have appreciated having food at your lunch events this last year, please vote for me.”


School of Medicine

  • Mariajose Velasco

“Encourage Student Voice. Advocate diversity. Promote student happiness, well being and safety. Develop greater opportunities for student connections”


College of Mines and Earth Sciences

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Mines and Earth Sciences seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


College of Nursing

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Nursing seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


College of Pharmacy

  • Alan Abbinanti

“I am excited to serve the college of pharmacy and represent future pharmacists in our university student government. I will strive to be your voice and vote how you would want instead of what I believe to be best. I welcome your input and opinions and want to serve you any way I can.”


College of Science

  • Candace Bryan

“I strive to improve the lives of students by caring about their well being and working to create a healthy community of scientists. The future of science depends on the students of today.”

  • Michael Dichmann

“My goals on the Senate for the College of Science concern both professors and students. I want to improve communications among the disciplines of Science and make sure that the courses and curricula not only meet requirements, but emphasize student learning and understanding as well.”

  • Erika Feten

“As a senator for the College of Science, I will advocate for my peers in my college. I will be accessible to help improve students’ experiences.”

  • Rebecca Hardenbrook

“The College of Science has been my home throughout my undergraduate degree and now during my doctorate. During this time, I have heard productive dialogue in our Senate on issues such as rising tuition costs and transparent allocation of student fees. Despite this, there are still many items we need to discuss, such as improving our campus’ carbon neutrality timeline goal and developing a graduate assembly. As your senator, I would push for action on issues such as these and would give both undergraduate and graduate students an influential voice in our Senate. Follow me at www.facebook.com/RebeccaForCOS to learn more about what I hope to do if elected!”

  • Aryana Vadipour

“As a student experienced in ASUU and the College of Science, I feel that advocacy, communication with faculty and administrators, and extensive outreach are the best ways to support our students. As the Senator for the College of Science, I will ensure that our students have the resources and connections they need to host events and initiatives across our campus.”


college of Social & behavioral science

  • Devon Cantwell

“Devon is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science. Over the past two years at the U, she has collaborated with both undergraduates and graduates on campus to make improvements on campus sexual assault, Intimate Partner Violence, and Domestic Violence. Additionally, she has been working on creating an advocacy forum for graduate students and improving access to mental health services. As one of the largest colleges on campus, she believes that the CSBS has the potential to catalyze significant change on the U’s campus through college-wide initiatives.”

  • Sami Pope

“Unlike those DMs you slid into, I will respond. Have your voice heard and vote Sami for Senate.”

  • Alejandro Sanchez

“I want to make an Impact by showing everyone that if you work hard you can achieve any goal you set. Always looking forward never backward to accomplish your goal.”


College of social work

No filed candidates. If you are interested in filling the vacant Social Work seat when the election concludes, email afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


undergraduate studies

  • Connor Leeming

“YOU MATTER! Let’s lower the cost of fees, food, & parking permits- and get better hours for the gym!”

  • Nick Tygesen

“I believe in representing all students in The College of Undergraduate Studies to best convey the beliefs and convictions of my college in being an influential voice in student affairs”

Registrar Information

For questions regarding the elections process please contact a member of the elections registrar team.

Elections Registrar: Caroline Ranger

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