2018 Elections Information


2018 Elections Results – FulL

2018 Elections Winners


2018-2019 Vacant LEgislative SEATs:

College of Architecture + Planning: Senator, Assembly Representative

David Eccles School of Business: Assembly Representative

College of Cultural & Social Transformation: Senator, Assembly Representative

School of Dentistry: Assembly Representative

College of Education: Assembly Representative

College of Health: Senator

School of Medicine: Senator, 2 Assembly Representatives

College of Mines & Earth Sciences: Senator, Assembly Representative

College of Nursing: Senator, Assembly Representative

College of Pharmacy: Senator

College of Social & Behavioral Science: Assembly Representative

College of Social Work: Senator, Assembly Representative

Undergraduate Studies (representing undeclared students): Senator, 2 Assembly Representatives

If you are interested in filling a vacant seat in your college, please contact afeenstra@sa.utah.edu.


Registrar Information

For questions regarding the elections process please contact a member of the elections registrar team.

Elections Registrar: Cassidy Pearson

Phone: 801-581-2788

Candidate Information

















Presidential Candidates

All parties are listed in alphabetical order. Parties are comprised of one candidate for President, one candidate for Vice President of University Relations, and one candidate for Vice President of Student Relations.

  • Rise Party: Connor Morgan for President, Maggie Gardner for Vice President of University Relations, and Xandra Pryor for Vice President of Student Relations

“The Rise Party’s platform has grown from a singular belief — we know that the University of Utah is an amazing place to go to college, but we know that it isn’t a perfect place, either. We aim to fix a lot of those flaws in order to make the U a better place for everyone who calls it their home.

First, we will strive to make students feel more at home on campus because we believe that no one should ever have to feel unsafe — especially when they’re at school. We will work to make that belief into a reality by incentivizing student group leaders to participate in bystander intervention and diversity education trainings in a grassroots effort to bolster the U’s first lines of defense. Further, we will work with on-campus partners to better educate the U’s students, faculty, and staff about undergraduate and graduate mental health issues. We will actively work with Commuter Services and other campus entities to make parking more accessible to students, too, and we will carefully re-prioritize how your student fees are spent in order to convert the U into a more welcoming environment for all those who spend time here.

Second, we will create a more transparent, sensible, and efficient student government in order to serve you as effectively as possible. We will take a proactive approach in how we interact with student groups — rather than waiting for you to come to us, our administration will come to you. We’ll do that by streamlining how we advocate for and communicate with your student group on everything from signing up for Plazafest to getting funding. We will also transform the Student Assembly to give you clearer representation, better access to resources, and a more powerful voice on campus.

Finally, we will revamp your student government’s programming priorities. We will seek to partner with a host of on-campus organizations and student groups to put on collaborative events, making them more appealing to a broader audience of students. We will invest what we save from these partnerships in making your favorite programs, like Redfest, CODE, and many others, into even more fun and inspiring events!

We believe that the point of student government is to make life better for students, and we promise that this core idea will always guide our administration. Thanks for reading, and we hope to earn your vote!”

Assembly Candidates

All candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name. The number of Assembly seats per college is determined by the number of students enrolled per college as of Fall 2017. Students who are not enrolled in a specific program of study are represented through Undergraduate Studies.


College of Architecture + Planning (1 seat)

No filed candidates.


David Eccles School of Business (4 Seats)

  • Victoria Ferguson

“My goal is to promote an inclusive, diverse, and engaged environment in the David Eccles School of Business. I am highly passionate about women empowerment and social justice. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me to create meaningful impact for my fellow students.

  • Damon Ngo

Our future success can be found in the traditions of our past. My goal is to continue to promote a culture of leadership, excellence, legacy, and perseverance at the David Eccles School of Business. These core values are the foundation that we need in order to become the future leaders of business.”

  • Jamie Ward

“Most people know what to do, but they do not actually do what they know. Knowing is simply not enough, one must take learn to take action. Therefore, I will strive to maximize the opportunities available to the David Eccles School of Business students; to assist them with having a successful, memorable, and well-networked experience.”


School for Cultural and Social transformation (1 Seat)

No filed candidates.


school of dentistry (1 seat)

No filed candidates.


College of Education (1 seat)

No filed candidates.


college of engineering (5 seats)

  • Greg Boisvert

  • Mitch Kirkham

“I will be an effective representative of all students or student groups and especially those who are part of, or affiliated with, the College of Engineering by making myself accessible to all students and respected among my peers. I will be a leader of the legislature in ASUU and will remain informed with current student opinions and issues. My main priorities are: to advocate for the student voice in both ASUU and all administrative committees, to help advance the interests of the College of Engineering by ensuring it’s success around the university and community, and to promote transparency at all levels by making myself readily available and capable as a resource to all students as a representative.”

  • Erin Morgan

My name is Erin Morgan, and I am a first year Mechanical Engineering student. As your representative, I will actively and effectively advocate for the best interests of engineering students. Vote for me, and I’ll always be engi-cheering for you!”

  • Adrian Porras

I’m Adrian Porras and majoring in Civil Engineering, and it would be an honor to represent the College of Engineering in Assembly. Whatever the people want, I will do my best to give, be an example and lead with integrity.”

  • Riley Weaver

Hi, my name is Riley Weaver and I am in my third year here at the University of Utah. I wanted to run for Assembly because I believe that it provides a unique opportunity for me to help the students in the College of Engineering have a voice on what they feel is important. The College of Engineering has provided me with some wonderful opportunities since I have been a student here and I just wanted to try to return the favor.”


college of fine arts (2 seats)

  • Amy Cox

“I am Amy Cox, and I am a Modern Dance major in the department of dance. I want to run for your assembly position and create a more unified College of the Arts.”


college of health (2 seats)

  • Jacob Myers


college of humanities (2 seats)

  • Francesca Botto

My name is Fran Botto and I am a third year Honors College student studying International Studies with an emphasis in global health. As assembly elect of the College of Humanities I would act as an ambassador with the intent to listen, serve, and represent the students of this college to the best of my abilities. The College of Humanities as driven me and many others to be well-rounded global citizens with the ability to think logically, critically, and ethically and as the representative I would strive to reiterate the thoughts and opinions of the students that reflect these values in the assembly setting. It is integral to me to remain loyal to needs and ideals of my fellow classmates and not simply prioritize my own personal biases as we are a community in union together.”

  • Christine Farley

“Hi, my name is Christine Farley and I am a junior studying English with a passion to have my fellow student’s voices heard by the University of Utah.  The College of Humanities means much more to me than just a Major or a Undergraduate Degree — the College of Humanities is a foothold to the rest of our lives and to the dreams that we can achieve through it.”

  • Tyler Laws

The College of Humanities works diligently to create an inviting and inclusive home for its students and faculty that goes beyond course work and grades. As a representative for the college, my goal would be to facilitate this open environment by supporting Assembly actions that:
promote social events and opportunities for positive interaction outside of the classroom, streamline procedures for student group creation, management, and funding, and strengthen college unity.
We will know that we have been successful when we graduate with not just knowledge of a field, but a supportive network of colleagues that we can rely on in the future.”

  • Siri Reilly

My name is Siri Reilly; I’m earning a B.A. in video game design and a B.A. in English. With over a thousand students that make up over thirty clubs and organizations under the College of Humanities’ umbrella, we as students deserve a fair and passionate voice to represent us in our student government. As that voice, I would do everything in my power to give every student within our college the support they need to innovate, grow, and thrive.”

  • Braxton Utley

*Note from ASUU website administration: Braxton Utley’s poster says he is running for an Assembly seat in the College of Social and Behavioral Science, but he is running for the College of Humanities. The error was ASUU’s fault and will be fixed promptly.


s.J. Quinney College of law (1 seat)

  • Ben Lehnardt

“I’m excited to represent the law school to the university. I solemnly swear that I will only send emails when absolutely necessary and never put ‘urgent’ in the subject line. I promise that I’ll make you all proud.”


school of medicine (2 seats)

No filed candidates.


college of Mines and earth sciences (1 seat)

No filed candidates.


college of nursing (1 seat)

No filed candidates.


college of pharmacy (1 seat)

  • Michael Stapley

“As the Assembly Representative, I will help the fellow colleges of the University to develop a greater admiration for the College of Pharmacy’s unique involvement in our community. I will assist the student organizations of our College in fulfilling their highest potential. I will effectively advocate so that we can maximize their ability to access critical funding from ASUU. Lastly, I will ensure that the College of Pharmacy’s voice is heard and represented accurately within ASUU.”


college of science (3 seats)

  • Erin Carroll

  • Erika Feten

I am Erika Feten, and I am currently a sophomore studying Chemistry. Representing the College of Science, I will be an accessible voice for my peers with the goal to allow greater access to resources and opportunities on campus.”

  • Kasra Rahmati

I believe that our university as a whole could evolve in culture and presence in the research community through undergraduate involvement. I am the President of a research involvement club and I strongly believe that involvement in research does not only strengthen our undergraduates, but our college as a whole. If elected, I would continue my work in the goal of communal research in the College of Science.”

  • Michael Xiao

As a candidate running for College of Science Representative, I would like to promote transparency and funding for student organizations on campus. Specifically, I will work actively as a student advocate to improve access to academic resources and increase funding for undergraduate research.”


college of social & behavioral Science (4 seats)

  • Sajdah Arbeed

“Being a student on campus for three years, there has always been a struggle when it comes to ideas and issues students want addresses. My goal is to become the voice of students to help solve issues and create a more welcoming environment of campus.”

  • Anna Barnes

“While I’ve attended the University of Utah, I have been fortunate to find a home in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS). Reflecting upon my time in the college, I can say undoubtedly that there is a unique attitude in CSBS. Although there are many disciplines and opinions under the CSBS umbrella, there is also much problem-solving and understanding. My college-mates have challenged my ideals, while rooting for my success. I completely owe my college experience to them. The members of my college are some of the most driven, inspired students on campus, and I want to promote their attitude and resolve to the rest of the university. This is why I am running to represent the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences on the Associated Students of the University of Utah Assembly.

If reelected, I will continue to advocate for CSBS students and the campus community as a whole, by writing joint resolutions on issues that are important to students. Additionally, I will be an accessible resource to the members of my college, with scheduled office hours and timely responses to any and all inquiries. Lastly, I will work to make the Assembly more transparent to students, and aid them in every step of the funding process.”

  • Olivia Mauchley

“As a member of Assembly I will make your voice heard, I want to hear what you have to say, take your words, and turn them into action. You matter to me. I am committed to you. I will hold this position with optimism, empathy, and integrity to change our college for the better.”

  • Jess Spohn

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has facilitated a substantial part of my success at the University of Utah. From supporting my academic objectives to sustaining my passion of service CSBS has played an integral part in my achievements. My goal is to pay-forward the positive and enriching experiences I have gained in this college to strengthen student relations and promote a fiscally responsible year.”


college of Social work (1 seat)

No filed candidates.


Undergraduate studies (3 seats)

  • Sarah Czaja

“My name is Sarah Czaja and I am running for Assembly as a representative for Undergraduate Studies. I am very involved on campus and in the community and think that I would make a great asset the the student body. I hope to make an impact on our campus and keep it a diverse and thriving community.”

Senate Candidates

All candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Each college is represented by one Senate seat. Students who are not enrolled in a specific program of study are represented through Undergraduate Studies.


College of Architecture + Planning

No filed candidates.


David Eccles School of Business

  • Devon Gethers

“Hello! My name is Devon Gethers and I would love to represent everyone in the David Eccles School of Business as your Legislative Senator for 2018-2019. We have made impeccable progress thus far, and I would love to carryon that legacy of improvement with your help. Running for Senate is of great importance to me because I believe our mission of excellence starts with an initiative, and an exchange of ideas, from you and me. Now let us put your ideas to action!”

  • Calvin Grimes

I am a second year Finance student who is planning on going into investing after graduation. I want to represent the David Eccles School of Business because I believe that I can be a voice for all corners of the business school. Representing each and every student’s passion for business is my number one priority.”

  • Howie Huynh

“I grew up in Vietnam and immigrated to Utah 5 years ago. I have been involved with ASUU to serve my student peers since freshman year. I am proud to be a student at the David Eccles School of Business because I am member of a tight-knit community that works hard and plays hard. I am running for Senate because I want to make ASUU work better for our student body, especially business students. I want ASUU to be more transparent in handling and spending our student fees, provide better instructions for student clubs who seek funding, and negotiate with Commuter Services for more student parking spots. Please reach out to me at hhuynh@asuu.utah.edu if you have any question. I’ll be honored to receive your support.”

  • Nam Luu

By representing the David Eccles School of Business in ASUU Senate, I hope to advocate for the benefit of our students. Voice your opinions!”

  • Alyssa Mitchell

As Senator of the Business College, I will be devoted to bettering the Business School by being available and voicing your opinions and ideas in Senate meetings. I currently serve on ASUU and am a Business Scholar, and I am passionate that the skills I have acquired will be advantageous to the Senate. I have a deep passion for collaborating and working with others and I promise I will be a voice for all the Business students.”


College of Cultural and Social Transformation

No filed candidates.


School of Dentistry

  • Emily Thomas


College of Education

  • Alexis Epling

As we work together to pave the way for future generations and university alumni, I will use my creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness to ensure that all voices are heard. Think about the children: vote Alexis.”

  • Valerie Guerrero

Over the last 15 years, I’ve committed my educational and professional goals to helping actualize the potential higher education has to transform individual lives and communities. I am pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy because I am passionate about helping students successfully navigate complex policies, processes, and systems on college campuses. This experience and knowledge helps make me uniquely qualified to translate between students and administrators at the U as the Student Senator for the College of Education.”


College of Engineering

  • Landon Crowther

Being a part of the College of Engineering helped me develop both inside and outside of the classroom. I have acquired a variety of life experience, and would like to provide the same opportunity for other students. If a elected for senate, I can assure that I will be proactive about current issues, make myself available for students, be responsive to feedback, and overall, a reliable student leader.”

  • Haley Feten

I’m running for Senate because I want to advocate for the students in the College of Engineering and make meaningful change. I aim to be as transparent as possible to other students.”

  • Sayed Sadat

“Vote for Sayed! Vote for your voice! Vote for it to be heard! Vote for it to be cherished! Engineering used to be more fun. We can bring that lost soul back. Let’s foster leadership, innovation, creativity, and entertainment, to expand our minds to the stars above. Vote now.

Sayed A. Sadat hails from a world of engineering filled with passion, enthusiasm, and aspirations in hopes of a great future. He brings along with him a great deal of leadership experience in student organizations, which includes years of success connecting industry mentors to young enthusiastic engineers while they are still in school. 

He envisions a future for the college of engineering where learning is more fun, and students are well connected to the industry. A college of engineering that trains not just engineers but industry leaders in engineering and innovation. His forward-thinking platform includes transparency, equal opportunities for all, more student engagement, more industry engagement, and more diverse activities for the student body.


College of Fine Arts

  • Cameron Carter

As an arts student, I value individuality, relationship building, and storytelling. Being in the Senate would enable me to connect with students and faculty, share my experiences and passions with others, and represent the arts on a University level.”

  • Kaelin Kaczka

To me, my college means everything; it is so much more than an interest or career choice, for Fine Arts is the love of my life, and the college, a place where I and so many others are given the chance to live lives we’ve only dreamed of. Unfortunately, Fine Arts has been, and continues to be, one of the most misrepresented and consequently neglected colleges. So many have a close-minded understanding of the arts, believing them to be mere mechanisms of self-expression, when truthfully, art has the power to inspire great change in ourselves, our community, our society and our world. I therefore recognize this legislative opportunity as an opportunity to change the way our University understands art, so that we as artists, have the resources to create change. To those in the College of Fine Arts, please know that I will work tirelessly until we are able to do so.”


College of Health

No filed candidates.


College of Humanities

  • Lizzy Pohl

I love the Humanities because they remind us of what it means to be human; they remind us that life can not be quantifiably measured. I wish to represent the College of Humanities in Senate because I want to build a connected community alongside my peers, rooted in a passion for our disciplines. I want students to know they are capable of making positive changes at the U that can enhance the wholistic collegiate experience. Every voice deserves to be heard and I am genuinely devoted to representing every student within the College of Humanities. Go Utah!”


S.J. Quinney College of Law

  • Claire McGuire

  • Carlos Quijada


School of Medicine

No filed candidates.


College of Mines and Earth Sciences

No filed candidates.


College of Nursing

No filed candidates.


College of Pharmacy

No filed candidates,


College of Science

  • Ayana Amaechi

Running can mean several things to someone ranging from a pace slightly faster than a jog, to a working refrigerator, or to a candidate in an election. To me, running means an opportunity to advocate for the people around me and to create improvements for the College of Science. I will listen to the needs of my community and voice their opinions in the Senate.”

  • Julia Case

“I am excited to represent the diverse interests of students in the College of Science and plan to create an inclusive environment for students to contribute their ideas in making our campus the best it can be. I am dedicated to fostering the best college experience for Utah students both academically and beyond, and can’t wait to work with you!”

*Note from ASUU website administration: Julia Case’s poster says she is running for a Senate seat in the College of Social and Behavioral Science, but she is running for the College of Science. The error was ASUU’s fault and will be fixed promptly.

  • Kaitlin McLean

“As a Senator for the College of Science, I hope to increase awareness in our college, and the university as a whole, of issues faced by students. I will also increase our college’s involvement and representation on campus, and gather a wide range of perspectives on legislative issues. Lastly, I want every student in the College of Science to know the funding that can be available to them through ASUU and connect them to it!”

  • Riley Pence

“As a passionate volunteer in the College of Science, I want to use my influence in ASUU Senate to increase access to funds for student groups and allow them to grow their influence on-campus and expand their outreach opportunities off-campus. I will advocate fiercely for the interests of all students in our college to ensure they have a say in shaping the environment on campus and give them transparent reports on the use of funds.”


college of Social & behavioral science

  • Devon Cantwell

“Devon Cantwell is a first year Ph.D. student in the department of Political Science in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Devon was an active senator and executive staff member during all four years of her time at the University of Kansas, where she did her undergrad. During her timethere, she managed a $25 million budget as part of the Campus Fee Review Board, created an executive board position to to advocate for Graduate Student rights and issues, as well as served as the Chair of Multicultural Affairs, which helped tackle issues of race and inequity on campus while supporting culturally affirming student events. Devon is excited to run for a student government spot to represent CSBS student groups, undergraduate, and graduate students. Her big platforms and areas of focus are around expanding access to mental health access through the increase of funding to the UCC, the creation of a Graduate Assembly to help graduate students have a venue to collaborate, and improving pedagogical practices and opportunities available for all CSBS students.”

  • Lilly Kanishka

Having held a previous position on Assembly and served as Director of Diversity for two years, I have learned how to navigate difficult conversations, advocate for students, and seek out guidance and student voice in the decisions that our student body makes. Sitting on Senate as the College for Social and Behavioral Science representative, I would aim to further serving students and establishing liasionship with my college and the faculty, staff and students encompassed in it. I would actively seek out the opinions of my college and ensure that they are heard and held accountable to.”


College of social work

No filed candidates.


undergraduate studies

No filed candidates.


Grievance Results

Grievance against the RISE party, 1-26-18
The RISE party was found guilty of failing to disclose a member of their core committee to the Elections Registrar within 36 hours of requesting that they become a member of their core committee.

The Elections Committee unanimously decided that all candidates are required to volunteer for one hour at an ASUU event by the last day of February-and submit documentation and proof of this to the Elections Registrar within this month. If this is not done, further action will be taken against this party.