Constitution Writing Guide

Each new student group is required to prepare and submit a constitution to ASUU. This is a simple and useful self-governance document to archive and clearly state what the rules are for your student group. The constitution will outline the purpose, membership, responsibilities, and organization of your group. Within the membership part of your constitution you must state who is eligible for membership in your organization, student groups registered with the ASUU cannot discriminate in membership based on Federally protected classes.
Constitituion of
(Organization Name):___________________________________

Adopted on (Date):______________________________________________________

Article I – Name

  1. State the reason for the formation of the club and the club’s objectives

Article II – Purpose

  1. State the reason for the formation of the club and the club’s objectives.

Article II – Membership

  1. State which people are qualified for membership (assuring that no discrimination will take place).
  2. State what a member must do to be recognized as a full member.
  3. State what rights and privileges a full member has.

Article IV – Meeting

  1. State how many meetings of the membership are to be held during the school year and when they are to be held.
  2. State procedures for calling regular and special meetings.

Article V – Executive Board

  1. State what officers will make up the club’s Executive Board and what each officer’sduties will be.
  2. State procedures for handling vacancies within the Executive Board.

Article VI – Elections

  1. State which officers will be selected by the membership, how long the terms of these officers will last, and how many times a person may hold the same office.
  2. State the nominating procedures and when they will take place.
  3. State how nominees will present their qualification and how and when elections will be held.
  4. State procedures in case a runoff is necessary

Article VII – Funds

  1. State procedure for the allocation of club funds (revenues and expenses).

Article VIII – Committees

  1. State what standing and/or ad-hoc committees will exist in the club and the function and composition of each.

Article IX – Affiliations

  1. State any affiliations with local, state, regional, or national organizations.

Article – Advisor

  1. State procedures for the qualification and selection of an adisor and the functions and duties of said person.

Article XI – Ratification

  1. State how the Constitution will be ratified by the membership

Article XII – Amendments

  1. State how an amendment will be presented, to whom it will be presented, and how it will be ratified

Article XIII – Bylaws

  1. State procedures for the inclusion of any rules and regulations specific to the club or organization