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The purpose of the Conference on Diverse Excellence (C.O.D.E.) is to create dialogue and build consciousness around systems of oppression, privilege, and solidarity through a social justice lens. We use “diverse” as a noun, adjective and verb to recognize diversity work as both a process and a goal to achieve excellence and a more just society. C.O.D.E.’s theme for the 2018 conference, “Intersectionality: Recognize. Embrace. Change.”, will focus on bringing peoples of diverse backgrounds together in order to educate, uplift and support one another.  Our aim is to enrich our understanding of the community that we live in, the individuals that we work with, and showcase how diversity is embedded on our campus so that we may prosper together while retaining our individual cultures and identities. We aspire to imagine limitless futures unbounded by the systems of forced realities in addition to creating space to nurture and respect while engaging in dialogue and coalition building. By doing this, we believe we are working for a future where differences can exist without being turned into tools of oppression. By focusing on intersectionality, we will highlight not only the diversity within communities but also the diversity within ourselves to show that by recognizing and embracing all of our various characteristics, we can ultimately create change that is to the benefit of all. With this theme, participants will actively engage in breakout sessions and panel discussions with the goal of unpacking privilege, building on support systems and confronting our unseen biases. This conference aims to foster creative and pioneering social justice pedagogies in the University of Utah, and we hope to have this reflected through workshops.

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