Finance Board

Finance Director: Lexi Hoggan

Finance Associate Director: Nick Tygesen

Finance Associate Director: Open Position

Finance Associate Director: Open Position


To continuously strive towards increasing transparency and efficiency in all aspects of ASUU funding.


Mission Statement

To consistently provide University of Utah students with timely and transparent information about the ASUU’s funding process, and be proactive about exploring ways to improve the efficiency of that process.


The Finance Board oversees and helps administer the ASUU budget. Each year, the Board meets with the incoming ASUU administration to discuss and develop a proposed budget for the upcoming year. The Board then allocates the available funding from the budget to hundreds of student groups according to the Finance Board’s judgment. The Board approves all expenditures and also advises the ASUU Senate and General Assembly on the distribution of student funds.

For more information, please visit our Funding Page.