ASUU Boards

In order to better serve students, ASUU has created 11 student run boards to oversee many programs specifically for the Student Body. Below is a brief description of each board, and what their mission is during their administration.


Campus Events Board

The Presenter’s Office brings high-quality concerts, films, speakers, and performing artists to the University of Utah campus as a resource for students to find free entertainment, insightful media, and open discussion from a trustworthy source.

Campus Relations Board

The Campus Relations board acts as the link between ASUU and over 500 student groups

Diversity Board

Our mission is to nurture an environment where students voices are heard, welcomed and validated; we want to focus on the value of having a diverse campus through our activities and events as well as help create opportunities where these values can be enhanced.

Finance Board

The Finance Board oversees and helps administer the ASUU budget.

First Year Council

First Year Council Director: Quincy Parkes Associate Director: Ephraim Kum First Year Council is designed to help first year students have […]

Government Relations Board

The Government Relations Board is engaged in various aspects of local, state, and national politics. We are committed to inform, involve, and connect students with any civic opportunities available to them.

Marketing Board

The Marketing Board helps market and brand all events through ASUU. We work with other boards, as well as student groups.

Student Immersion and Outreach

The Non-Traditional Student Outreach Board helps meet the needs of students who are over the age of 25, married, have children, are pursuing a graduate degree, and/or are international students. The board provides programs and resources that help make student life easier and more enjoyable for this unique population.

Student Resources Board

The Student Advocacy Office is dedicated to providing a service to students by supporting their interests, bringing about an awareness of their rights, and acting as a resource for their concerns.

Sustainability Board

Our mission is to make our campus more sustainable through student involvement.