2019-2020 Sustainability Director Application

Apply to be the Director of the Sustainability Board in ASUU! APPLICATION CLOSES AUGUST 27TH AT 11:59PM!

[Taken from pg. 40 of RedBook]
1. Purpose of the Sustainability Board
1.1. The purpose of the Sustainability Board shall be to promote and initiate programs that increase the
sustainability of campus and the operations of the University.
2. The Director of Sustainability
2.1. Duties
2.1.1. To chair and hold meetings of the Sustainability Board, as necessary; and
2.1.2. To serve as the ASUU Government’s liaison to the University’s Office of Sustainability.
4. Powers and Duties of the Sustainability Board
4.1. To pursue the improvement and expansion of all recycling and waste-reduction programs on campus;
4.2. To initiate and administer events and programs to encourage sustainability on campus; and
4.3. To promote and raise awareness of issues relating to sustainability amongst the student body.

Other responsibilities:
– Coordinate ASUU’s involvement in Recycle Rice Eccles.
– Sit on the President’s Climate Commitment Taskforce.
– Attend Weekly Executive Cabinet Meetings.

This form is currently closed for submissions.