2018 Student Organization Renewal Information

The deadline to renew your organization and have all your information updated for the 2018-2019 academic year is April 27th.

If you have registered or renewed your student organization in the past academic year (2017-2018), then you will not need to fill out the renewal form for next year. All we are asking for next year (2018-2019), is that you update your officers on the positions in your portal and that you have uploaded your most current constitution on your portal. If you have not renewed or registered in the past year then you will need to submit a renewal request form. Please contact our office at studentorgs@utah.edu to inquire about your status.

The following are the steps to complete these requirements:

Renewal Form Process

Steps to complete the Annual Renewal Form:

  1. Go to the ASUU website, asuu.utah.edu, and click on the Student Organizations Login page under “Student Organizations at the top.
  2. On the top right corner, click Log In.
  3. Click ‘Sign In With Campus ID’
  4. Enter UNID and Password.
  5. Once logged in, you can click on the “Organizations” tab right below the University of Utah name and between the “Home” and “Events” tabs.
  6. You can then search for your student organization in the search browser and filter by umbrella or categories.
  7. Once logged in, you can renew your portal, by clicking on the ‘Settings’ toolbar on the right side, then click on “Organizational settings”.
  8. Then in the next screen you click on the GREEN ‘Update and Renew Profile’.
  9. This will then take you through all the sections of your renewal form, so that you can update any information necessary.
  10. If you need to add or remove members to the group, you click on the ‘People’ tab. If you need to remove members currently on the roster, then you click on the individual’s name, then click ‘Remove from Portal.’ Then to add people to the roster, you click on ‘Invite People,’ then you add in their email into the box, and then select which category they belong to below (i.e. None, Administrators, Members, or Officers), then you click Submit. This will send them an email, which they will have to confirm in order to be added to the roster.
  11.  To add files or documents in your group portal, there will be a series of tabs up towards the top: ‘Home’ ‘People’ ‘Events’ ‘Files’ ‘Forms’ ‘News’ ‘More.’ Click on the ‘Files’ tab and then upload your constitution. **NOTE: To edit/update the portal, you must have Admin access already. Make sure to transition this access to the ones responsible of updating the portal.


This upcoming year we are going to make a slight change to the positions. We will require your student organization to submit the current three officers on your portal. You will need to submit a President, Vice president and Treasurer. ALL officers must be different people.

Here are the steps to update your positions:

  • Log in to OrgSync and go to Organizations
  • Search for your portal and select your student organization
  • On your portal Home page, go to Current Positions and click on See All
  • On this page you can edit your positions. You can remove past officers by updating the date they last held their role. You can also update the new officers by selecting Fill a Position, which will have you fill out a form.
  • When you are filling this out, it will ask you to find a member for the position by typing their name into the participant field. If the user does not appear in the search bar, that means they do not have an OrgSync account and will need to create one. Have them log on here, using their UNID and password.

Student Organizations need to have all 3 roles filled. Positions will now have the option to add your advisor, this will be optional for those who have an advisor. If you don’t have an advisor, your organization will not need to worry about this.


Student Organizations are required to have the most updated constitution on their portal. The constitution must state the student organization’s name and clearly:

  • Set forth the purposes of the organization (e.g. mission and values)
  • Define qualifications and responsibilities for membership (e.g. fees)
  • Acknowledges that the organization will abide by the non-discrimination policy.
  • Officer information
      1. Executive board or officer responsibilities and duties
      2. Provide a method for choosing offices of the organization, all of whom must be current students of the University of Utah
      3. A process for the removal of officers
  • Advisor information and duties (if applicable)
  • Reflect the student organization whom has requested to be recognized. (If you provide a national organization, it must include your chapter’s bylaws).
  • State the process for updating or amending your constitution
      1. The document should also reflect the changes for the current academic year by stating, “Updated on___,” somewhere within the document.

Non-Discrimination Policy: The non-discrimination policy (outlined in Policy 6-400, Section II-E) states all students should experience, “Freedom from Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. Students have a right to be free from illegal discrimination and sexual harassment. University policy prohibits discrimination, harassment or prejudicial treatment of a student because of his/her race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, or status as an individual with disability, or as a protected veteran.” Within the membership part of your constitution you must state this policy, indicating that ALL students have equal opportunity to join your organization.

Exceptions: Federal law permits the following categories of student groups to select members based in part on their gender:  1) Social fraternities and sororities that are exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of Title 26 and are recognized by the University; and 2) certain sports groups including boxing, wrestling, rugby, ice hockey, football, basketball and other sports the purpose or major activity of which involves bodily contact. Only student groups falling within these categories may limit membership based upon gender. A sample constitution guide is available for reference.

If you make changes to your constitution, please email upload it to your files on OrgSync titled: YourStudentOrgName.Constitution_date

Additional Information

If you want to update dates and locations to meetings, information about your organization, profile picture, etc. just let us know and we can make those changes for you. Please email us at studentorgs@utah.edu.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at studentorgs@utah.edu.