Apply to be the Director of the Student Resources Board of ASUU! APPLICATION CLOSES NOVEMBER 18TH, 2019 AT 11:59 PM.

The purpose of the Student Resources Board shall be to:
1.1.1. Advocate on behalf of University students and to protect and advance their interests on campus
and in the community, in all matters except those which fall under the jurisdiction of the Government
Relations Board;
1.1.2. Assist with the acquirement of legal advice and counsel for those students who require such
assistance; and
1.1.3. Administer and oversee each service provided by the ASUU Government to university students,
unless said service is administered by another part of the Executive Branch, and to pursue the
improvement and addition of student services provided by the University.

The Director of Student Resources:
2.1. Duties
2.1.1. To chair and hold meetings of the Student Resources Board, as necessary;
2.1.2. To be responsible for all interactions with Ombudsman Attorneys;
2.1.3. To maintain privacy and protections of all student who seek the assistance and aid of the Student
Resources Board, insofar or legal obligations allow;
2.1.4. To serve on or to designate an Associate Director or board member to serve on the ASUU
Scholarship Board;
2.1.5. To provide students with graduate school and career resources; and
2.1.6. To serve as a liaison to the University’s Career Services Center.

Powers and Duties of the Student Resources Board:
5.1. To provide for the hearing of complaints for student concerns under its jurisdiction;
5.2. To be responsible for the organization of workshops and seminars dealing with financial aid, parking,
landlord-tenant relations, consumer protection issues and any other pertinent issues and subjects;
5.3. To advocate on behalf of student interests;
5.4. To assist students in finding the resources and aid to resolve the conflicts and crises which may impede
their performance and experience at the University;
5.5. To provide university students with information regarding campus and community resources;
5.6. To administer and initiate services to university students in accordance of these bylaws and the wishes
of the President;
5.7. To review and provide recommendations regarding the services provided to students by the University
and other parties outside of the ASUU Government; and
5.8. To provide resources and information regarding various graduate school programs and applications
5.9. To coordinate UCard discounts for the benefit of the ASUU.


2019-2020 Student Resources Director
(Include your position in the organization, responsibilities, time commitment, and length of service)
(Include your position in the organization, responsibilities, time commitment, and length of service)
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