Student Advocacy Board

Director: Ashlynn McCarter

Associate Director: Liam Du Preez

Associate Director: Derek Eyre

The Student Advocacy Board advocates for all students in need of unbiased assistance, including: legal referrals, emergency loans, University of Utah academic and behavioral issues, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, renter’s issues, food insecurity, and miscellaneous advice. Providing a safe and private environment for all students seeking resources, student advocates will work to solve problems in-house and connect students with organizations in order to allow them to make the University of Utah a more conducive educational environmental.

The board is staffed entirely by informed and trained student advocates who listen to students’ concerns and inform them of their rights. Our advocates can direct students to a community organization or legal counsel for further assistance as needed. Call 801-581-2788 to schedule an appointment.

Student Advocacy Resources

The following slides contain useful information for renters and landlords, including rights and responsibilities.

1. Introduction and Signing a Lease

2. Personal Money Management

3. Rights of a Renter and Landlord

4. Eviction and Further Contact Information

Renter’s Rights Podcast Featuring: Marty Blaustein

If you have any concerns, questions, or would simply like to find out more information, please visit us in Union 234 or call 801-581-2788.